About the Gigatechnology ERC

The fundamental rationale for this project is that a revolution in the field of gigatechnology is looming on the horizon. The gigatechnology research team is poised to make foundational strides in our understanding of very large complex adaptive systems with ecology as a lens through which to examine the interactions and interdependencies of infrastructure systems. Our team is a diverse group from many different disciplines, and from four different universities, geared toward developing a model “team science” program with the capacity to address the most complex and urgent grand challenges our society faces. Our project leverages expertise and capabilities in engineering, sciences, computing, planning, architecture, and policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT), Stanford University, the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), and Syracuse University (SU) to create a “center of centers” with the critical mass necessary to address the largest of the human engineered “system of systems.” Our team is still forming, but please find listed below some of our team members.

If you would like to learn more, please have a look at our 1-page project description.

Leadership Team

Principal Investigator, Chief Engineer/Scientist:
John Crittenden, Georgia Tech

Center Director:
Kimberly Kurtis, Georgia Tech

Co-Principal Investigators:
Cliff Davidson, Syracuse University
Michael Lepech, Stanford University
Miguel Velez-Reyes, University of Texas at El Paso

Research Team, Georgia Tech:
Baabak Ashuri
Bert Bras
Kate Pride-Brown
Marilyn Brown
Michael Chang
Yongsheng Chen
Yi Deng
Richard Fujimoto
Santiago Grijalva
Subhro Guhathakurta
Michael Hunter
Srinivas Peeta
Ted Russell
Frank Southworth
John Taylor
Valerie Thomas
Iris Tien
Yi-Chang Tsai
Marc Weissburg
Perry Yang

Research Team, Stanford University:
Martin Fischer
Kincho Law
Luke Terra

Research Team, University of Texas at El Paso
Paras Mandal
Ivonne Santiago

Research Team, Syracuse University
Edward Bogucz
Sharon Dotger
Baris Salman